How E Commerce Can Provide Services For Their Customers Essay

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In this week’s written assignment I’m going to describe three ways e-commerce can provide services for its customers and to provide three examples of each. To further entail other requirements, this paper is aimed to be two pages in length, double-spaced in Times New Roman font which is no greater than 12 points in size and lastly include a reference list.
In the contemporary world and its aggressive business surroundings it is absolutely critical for each successful company to be visible for their customers and to provide them with the user-friendly services which allow them to get the access to all information they need without having special knowledge in the IT area. According to there are at least three types of e-commerce services that could be useful for customers: web design services, marketing services and business tools. It is worth to notice that businesses and companies by themselves are also in fact customers for special services.
The first way that I would like to describe is web design services or development of new websites. Currently, most people use the Internet for looking up what they need. That is, I decided to develop a website which will be used for promotion of the new brand or product. The following parts have to be included in this website to make it attractive for newcomer and useful for the average audience: company name, company description, provided services, mission and vision, and value statement.
Examples of types of services…

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