How Does World Politics? Essay

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How does this relate to world politics? The very core of Marxism is the unit of analysis, most theories of IR today assume the state to the main actor, not only that, but to be an autonomous, rational actor, totally independent of social relations like a ‘black box’. Marxism, on the other hand contends it is the class system which is the key to understanding world politics. Furthering this perception; with the new neo-liberal world order replacing the embedded liberal order which centred on the state intervention within economics, the main ideological perception of the state in the west is one of a ‘liberal minimal state’. In capitalism, as Mark Rupert paraphrases a Marxist argument; a psychological break has been created between the economic and political sphere, between the public and private spheres of life . Combined with the idea that it is the transnational capitalist class which has the infrastructure to keep the economy and the country running, economic decisions are made by those unaccountable to the people, within or outside a democracy . States, in the Marxist sense are an enabler, rather than the creators of global capitalism. The state is a way in which collective action can be geared to the expansion of capitalism worldwide, without the state it is harder for the transnational capitalist class to impose their policies into a systemic level, e.g. through structural adjustment packages designed to open markets pushed on states by the IMF and WTO. It is clear then…

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