How Does Unemployment Affect Society

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Unemployment is a big problem today in this world; two major things will be affected if you are unemployed today. First it will be individual; the main effect will happen to you, but it will also affect your family or the around you. Second is society, which relates to the economy or other people in your country. Being unemployed are awful, not only it can tear you and your family apart, also harms the society as a whole. How does unemployment affect individuals? According to “job-interview-site” unemployment can cause many problems to individuals, for example, mental health issues, health diseases, tension at home, violence and crime rate to raise, suicide cases, unemployment gaps, and loss of skills’ usage. Being unemployed can cause health …show more content…
When people do not work, they have no income which means they would rather be saving money than spending it. This will affect the spending power in the economy if many people are unemployed and no one wants to spend money the country’s GDP will drop. Unemployment will not only restrict the spending power of the people without a job, it also reduced the spending power of the employed. Which brings us another two problems—unemployment financial costs and tension over taxes rise. When people are unemployed, the government has to pay them some benefits. More people who are unemployed mean more money is used to them, and the money is coming from the employed ones with their income tax and other taxes. If there are more people that are unemployed the government has to increase taxes, which affects the employed ones to reduce their spending power. Also, there will be insecurity amongst employees because no one will know if they will get fired tomorrow. In order to keep their job, they may have to compete against other employees. On the other hand, having fewer employees may suffer stress from excess work or they may not do a good job because of the large …show more content…
Statistics shows that a high rate of economic growth equals low unemployment, and when economic decline means high rates of unemployment. It means unemployment can affect a country’s economy easily. That is why most developed countries want to keep the unemployment rate as low as possible. Another effect of unemployment is a recession if a country is filled with unemployed people that a country will suffer the recession. Things that will be affected include the income per person, quality of health, health costs, standards of living and poverty. This is all a chain reaction due to unemployment. When the economy is bad employers tend to hire fewer people which caused unemployment, also will reduce the salary of each person. When people are unemployed they have all kinds of health problems, then health cost will as well rise. When you are unemployed you have no money, therefore you will drop you standards of living and in the worst case you might end up living on a

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