How Does Uncertainty Affect The Overall Logistical Performance Cycle?

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1. How does uncertainty affect the overall logistical performance cycle? Provide an example.
Uncertainty affects the overall supply chain processes by introducing variances into the operation. These variances and unpredictability make it difficult to be able to forecast when new inventory may be arriving and induces turbulence into he rest of the planning cycle all the way down the chain.
One example of how uncertainty affects logistics is if we were a receiver and factory scheduler. If we were expecting a pallet of raw materials that we were waiting on for production and we did not know what time the delivery was supposed to be at, we may not have the proper amount of man power to off load the awaited delivery, likewise, we would not be able to plan accordingly the rest of the way down the line as this would require an excessive amount of flexibility. 2. Describe the key elements of the supply chain, and explain why the role of each is essential to the efficiency of modern day logistics operations.
i) Demand Management: This is essential because now the companies focus on meeting the needs of the customer instead of producing just to produce. By following these steps the supply quality increases. ii) Communication: Effective communication keeps the supply chain efficient because all the departments involved know exactly what is going on and if there is any issue you raise the flag and work together as a team to resolve it iii) Integration: Integration…

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