How Does Traumatic Brain Injury? Essay

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How does TBI relate to Mental Illnesses? If we ask any person with a permanent disability how they became incapacitated, the answer that we will likely receive is traumatic brain injury (TBI). As a frequent volunteer at a hospital’s rehabilitation center, I often notice that many patients receive rehabilitation services to improve their function and quality of life have suffered head trauma. As an avid rugby fan, I realize that in contact sports, athletes often suffer from head injuries and can be absent from several games, depending on the severity of their injury. Recently, I have also become aware of mental illnesses that persist in some individuals long after they sustained the injury. Although I understand that head trauma can be related to psychiatric disorders, I am largely unaware of how the mental disorders are caused. I asked myself, why does it not affect everyone who has sustained a traumatic brain injury? I started my research by reading an article published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Although the provided information may be outdated because it does not include the most recent findings, for now, I believe it to be the most dependable source available because of its reputation and governmental backing. The CDC’s publication described various types of TBI, ranging from mild to severe: The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), a clinical tool designed to assess coma and impaired consciousness, is one of the most commonly used severity scoring systems.…

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