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How Does the Media Shape Meaning In History: The Holocaust?
The holocaust has been represented through many different forms of media over the years. Because the holocaust is depicted through different mediums, such as photographs, novels, museum exhibits and films, the viewpoint and the message conveyed throughout the mediums are different. This difference of perspective consequently depends on who and what documented the historical events at the time, as these factors will determine the impacts and the perceptions of history, therefore shaping a different meaning each time.

Many photographs taken during World War II, especially “The Last Jew of Vinnitsa”, signify the holocaust more appropriately than words. Photographs capture a single moment of time, which in future years can shape the meaning and perspective of the historical events through the eyes of society’s contemporaneousness. “The Last Jew of Vinnitsa” shapes the audience’s knowledge of the holocaust and expands their comprehension of the human condition. It does this by capturing the ghastly situation of a Nazi solider holding a gun to a man’s head while he is kneeling at the edge of a pit of deceased bodies. The picture preserves the authenticity at the photographer’s own idiosyncratic outlook, consequently fixing momentary legitimacy into a resilient, timeless form, into scintillas of transfixed time. “The Last Jew of Vinnitsa”, which represents the holocaust, creates a melancholy atmosphere when it is studied…

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