Essay about How Does Stereotyping Affect Society?

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Do you ever fell that you are limited to certain things or treated differently than others because of a stereotype? In today’s world many men and woman are affected because of a typical stereotype. It can hurt us in many different ways. Stereotyping can make a person change the way they live their lives and even make them change their characteristics. These stereotypes make a person feel like he is treated or looked at a certain way because of the way the he looks. We are all hurt individually and get our personal freedom limited by this and society isn’t helping the cause.
Woman all around the world feel as if the media portrays a negative image of them that support the typical stereotype that every woman that appears on commercials, t.v shows, and music videos etc. are shown as being perfect, they’re not fat or ugly or have any problem with their bodies and average teenage girl or simply just a lady would call a flaw. These type of things change the perspective woman have of themselves, and lead them to hurting themselves .Woman begin to think that they are not pretty enough because they look nothing like the woman the media portray “Convinced by the media and popular culture to believe that, as woman, they should look a certain way and that only if they look that way would they be loved and respected.” (Struggling for Perfection 667) The media plays a big role in stereotypes, without these stereotypes woman wouldn’t have to worry about their physical features or care…

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