How Does School And The Media Affect Women And Social Classes?

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How does School and the Media Affect Women and Social Classes?
As we surf the internet, scrolling down our social media page or watching the television, we are bombarded by numerous companies trying to advertise a new product. Sometimes we might see an advertisement that is overly sexualized, exploiting a female’s body so as to catch new customers. Advertisements such as those for a perfume might place a male figure in a leading role, which at times could be portrayed in a negative, controlling manner towards women. Sometimes, companies might use television shows to get people’s attention, by getting a well-known public figure to help brand their product. Those who are willing to be ensnared by these forms of advertisements, might not think about the ways in which these companies might be hurting women all around them, hence not second guessing their decision to purchase a new product. With the use of celebrities branding new products, companies will be able to reach a wider audience, which in turn will aid in increased sales. Dianna Kendall, the author of “Framing class vicarious living and conspicuous consumption,” is a professor of sociology at Baylor University; she has performed an extensive study of how newspapers and TV have portrayed social class in the last half-century. She concludes that the media shapes public opinions about classes by framing stories and programming in patterned, predictable, and misleading ways. Jean Kilbourne the author of “Two ways a woman…

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