How Does Rudy 's Condition Affect His Learning? Essay

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How does Rudy’s condition affect his learning?
The major component of any educational program is the ability to communicate and socialize with others as we are educated. The kindergarten years are very impressionable for language, communication, and the development of emotional and social skills. Furthermore, the behavior a child displays has to be conducive to an educational setting. Rudy has been diagnosed as autistic. Rudy’s condition limits him from being effective in communicating and socializing with others. He will have troubles expressing his feelings towards an interest, or conveying his wants to others. He may choose not to make eye contact and he has been noticed to practice echoing. If he is to be successful in the kindergarten classroom there is going to be a need for accommodations and modifications to reach Rudy.
Meeting the Needs of the Family and Respecting their culture
The family has to first be respected for their cultural differences. It will be necessary to use a translator or translate any IEP materials or other written materials into their native language. If necessary, we can present to the parents written material that has been simplified for better clarification. Also, it would benefit the IEP team or case load teacher to develop a deeper knowledge of the family’s culture, language, and perception of Rudy’s condition. For instance, as a school you may discover that it is an advantage to send the student’s work home in two languages. This may…

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