How Does Ptsd Effect Veterans? Essay

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Week Eight
What is up next well in week eight we are asked to find a few peer review journals related to are inquiry question? But first, I have reworded my personal inquiry questions and this is what I have revamped them to be.
1. How does PTSD effect veterans?
2. How do soldiers handle trauma in the field?
The first journal I found was extremely interesting finding that some people are depressed rather than suffering from PTSD. I read the article five times and am still processing how well this was put together and the studies that was done. This further reminds anyone interested in becoming a psychologist or counselor that sometimes previous examination may make you learn towards one disorder rather than another and we shouldn’t just base it on what the DSM says more that we need to understand the client and make sure that no underlining issue has been missed.
Depression, not PTSD, is associated with attentional biases for emotional visual cues in early traumatized individuals with PTSD

Using variants of the emotional Stroop task (EST), a large number of studies demonstrated attentional biases in individuals with PTSD across different types of trauma. However, the specificity and robustness of the emotional Stroop effect in PTSD have been questioned recently. In particular, the paradigm cannot disentangle underlying cognitive mechanisms. Transgenerational studies provide evidence that consequences of trauma are not limited to the traumatized people, but extend to close…

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