How Does Language Affect The Way I Think? Essay example

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How does language affect the way I think? This complex question has become quite popular over the years. It is difficult to measure, for sure, how significantly language impacts the mind given to the amount of different life experiences and interactions that make up part of how a person thinks. Each person we meet, in some way, affects us. Language is the link that shape our interactions and impacts our minds. Language most definitely affects how we think, but we can never be sure to what extent. Language has always been something incredibly important to the human race. A babies development shows us that our minds were geared toward learning language and how to communicate. There is even a study that reports that babies start to learn their parents’ language before they our even out of the womb (Source 2). In addition, babies can learn in just a few years something that would take an adult decades to master. As a result of this, similar to how your parents’ views and beliefs affect you when you are little, so too does your language. There have been many different declarations about different ways that language affects your thoughts and actions in day-to-day life. Most have been backed by some sort of credibility, fact, or well-thought-out conjecture, but few are able to actally test their theories. Two of these educated guesses are, the idea that gendered languages encourage separation and discrimination between men and women, and that speaking a different language can…

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