Texting By David Crystal Analysis

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Julie Kagawa, an American author once said, “As cities grow and technology takes over the world belief and imagination fade away and so do we.” This demonstrates the idea that as technology has become the dominant source of medium, it has impacted the way we communicate and brought a new form of expression. The new technology has brought us together in the way that we are connected with other individuals but in a sense we are disconnecting ourselves from reality in the way that we our corrupting proper grammar usage and recreating our own language. We adapt to this form of language as we speak to our so called friends in order to fit in, but we do not think about the consequences of how it may affect us in the long run in our professional career, where we are expected talk properly. In chapter four in the anthropology …show more content…
If you do not evolve with the newest technology, then people take you for granted. While texting people like to talk in shortened abbreviations, since there are no restrictions. In the article “Texting” by David Crystal, he discusses how texting has developed over the years, it also gives us the freedom to talk the way we want and really show what we think through the different keys offered on our mobile devices. “The more the unusual the word, the more it needs to be spelt out in full. There must be a serious limit to the amount of information which can be conveyed using abbreviation” (Crystal 233). The way we text is limiting our vocabulary usage, as a result, we are just using really basic words to say what we want. The older we get we are expected to use more sophisticated language to talk to our colleagues. Therefore, when we are speaking we can’t really think of the right words to express our thoughts because our language decreasing instead of expanding. Different social media’s have a set of expectations and rules of their own which are constantly

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