How Does Language Affect Our Environment? Essay

1365 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 null Page
We are constantly influenced by our surroundings. We are told what to wear, how to act, what is out of the norm and what is accepted in this world. According to Ahearn (2012) “linguistic anthropology usually concerns how language reflects and/or shapes some aspect of social life” (pg.32). In the class textbook “Living Language”, the chapter on Language and Gender, made me think about the gender messages conveyed through language in advertisements, media, society and our surroundings. Although we try to be different we are constantly shaped and influenced by our environment. We try to be unique individuals, but we lack the ability to see how language in advertisements, television, magazines, Internet and movies reflect and shape gender. Advertisements can falsely inform individuals on gender roles in society. These forms of language and our surroundings influence our gender role, expectations, stereotypes, identity and behavior. The gender messages conveyed through language can negatively influence an individual to form certain gender expectations. We constantly see how language conveys gender messages that are followed in places such as schools, workplace, and even our own home. Children learn messages about gender at a young age. Language has a strong influence on shaping our opinions, belief, identity and expectations about gender. Gender roles are shaped and influenced by the environment. We are told how women and men should act and what is expected of them based on…

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