How Does It Connect Art With Another Discipline? Essay

1965 Words Nov 16th, 2016 8 Pages
Big Idea: 1 Making connections during lessons in any subject are a huge benefactor for students of all ages, but especially beneficial to those of a younger age. There are many different ways you can make connections throughout lesson plans. It may be just comparing a situation to a student’s life, or it may be allowing the students to identify with your topic of interest by role-playing with them. The big idea of this lesson plan is “Making Connections.” I will be incorporating the two different content areas of Art, and Social Studies as a way to include creative based learning project or activity for my students.
How does it connect art with another discipline: My Sixth graders have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian time period. For this lesson, in particular, we have been focusing on how the Ancient Egyptian’s used a different type of writing than what we would see in today’s cultural society. The type of writing that was commonly used was Hieroglyphics. To help my students “Make a Connection” to the particular time period we are learning about, I will be teaching them commonly used symbols during the Ancient Egyptian time period, and also some symbols that connect to our everyday alphabet they may have used. Hieroglyphics are often seen as art in today’s society. Hieroglyphics may be considered ancient art. I will have the students conduct their own Hieroglyphics messages as a way to make a connection to this lesson on the Ancient Egyptian time period.

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