Neil Diamond's Perception Of The American Dream

Growth and progress are concepts that have a great deal of effect on the perception of the American Dream, regardless to the condition of life in which they are considered. Immigrants to America from all around the world with hopes of finding a better life here than the ones they were living in other countries. A song, written by Neil Diamond, titled America, beautifully depicts an immigrant 's vision of America and their reasoning behind creating a new home in this country. One verse in this song voices, “Got a dream to take them there; they’re coming to America. Got a dream they’ve come to share; they’re coming to America” (Jackson). This dream that Diamond addresses is the desire for an improved life that America is able to give to …show more content…
In fact, it is so awe-inspiring, that Alexis de Tocqueville wrote a whole book about it. The opportunities for growth, the culture that surrounds people to constantly strive for success, and the fixation on progress that is ingrained into the average American citizen’s mindset is special. Tocqueville understood that the practices of improvement in America was an uncommon trait. And although there are some who claim that America’s recent economic stagnation creates an inhibitory factor in the country’s ideals of improvement, it is clear how prevalent improvement really is when you look beyond the finances and focus simply on the everyday lifestyles of Americans. From education to homeownership, the ideals of growth in America are prevailing, and it is this ideal that has helped to shape the American way in which so many presently live. Without this ideal, America would not be the country that it is today. This continuous need for gain is imperative in contributing to the average American’s success, or lack thereof. And the necessary strives for improvement that are made every day by American citizens in one way or another is the whole point behind the American Dream. The constant hunger for improvement, success, and human perfectibility, that is what creates America’s

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