American Students Failing Research Paper

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Why most Americans students are failing? Schools don’t get enough funding from the government and because of this they don’t have enough resource such as, pencils, books, and other school materials. Because of teachers’ salary is too low, they just go from one school to other school in order to find a better salary. Money affects students in many ways such as students parts time job, schools don’t have enough supplies, teachers don’t get paid enough and therefore they don’t try to teach, parents don’t have enough money to provide good education for their children
Students’ parts time what can be negative. “28% of high schools students work part time for about twenty hours a week or less.”() Students are working a lot and don’t have a time
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are jobless. There are many reasons for this; they’re not educated because they were in the same situation at this age because many problems they loss their jobs so they cant pay for there children schools so there child have to work in order to learn. The other problem is students from higher income families have better resource and better education. Students that come from higher income families may have access to more and better resource than students from lower income families. For example students from high-class families probably have more access to good educational tools such as books and supplies. So those students will also most likely have a better start for school from the beginning of preschool. These make the students which come from lower families income to focus on other things such be a rapper, sell drugs rather than thinking or focusing in there studies. Educated parents and parents who have higher income have children who are better educated. When parents don’t have enough money, they will not be able to provide better education for their children because education in U.S. is too expensive and those children will not get a good education. Every student has to have bases. These bases started from the beginning of the school and from their house. Once these bases are broken, it is hard to build it back again. So if parents don’t have money to afford good education for their children, they will not build these bases and that might kill their

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