How Does An Organization Achieve Success Both Financially For Its Stockholders As Well As For The Its Stakeholders?

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How does an organization achieve success both financially for its stockholders as well as for the its stakeholders? P. E. MacAllister is someone who believes that there are three keys to success in business. These three keys are ones Mr. MacAllister has had to monitor for his entire career as both a worker for MacAllister Machinery as well as head of the company. The three keys are having satisfied employees, satisfied customers, and having superior products. To analyze what Mr. MacAllister talked about through an organizational behavior perspective, both job performance and organizational commitment will be examined through an examination of those aspects of the comprehensive organizational behavior model discussed by Colquitt, LePine, and Wesson (2014) in their book Organizational Behavior.
Mr. MacAllister’s speech describes the three main phases he saw MacAllister Machinery go through so far. The first phase of MacAllister Machinery occurred before and during Mr. MacAllister’s early years of employment at the company. During this time, MacAllister’s father was the head of the organization. The second phase P. E. MacAllister identified in his speech was when he took over control of the company following his father’s departure due to medical reasons. The third and current phases Mr. MacAllister sees his business experiencing started when he reduced his involvement in the day-to-day operations of the company, transferring some of those responsibilities to his son who has…

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