How Does An Immigrant Assimilate? Essay

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How does an immigrant assimilate?
We live in a world with about seven billion people and over 190 countries and this makes it extremely easy for people to leave their native land and migrant somewhere else, in search of a better future. One main destination for these immigrants is the US because it is scene as the land of hope and dreams, but when these foreign people arrive they face scrutiny and are expected to assimilate to the American culture. In Portes and Zhou’s piece, “Should immigrants assimilate,” they argued that that immigrants shouldn’t be forced to fully assimilate to American culture, but instead be allowed to select certain aspects to assimilate. The authors were able to argue their claim by identifying the problems, such as social pressures and vulnerabilities in the system, that immigrants had to face during the process of assimilation to American culture. This idea is important because not everyone understands the difficulties that immigrants face daily, and what they do see is a ‘group of people that refuses to assimilate.’ In waters’ article,” Debating immigration,” she disputed that against the popular belief that immigrants and their children refuse to learn English, the fear that children of immigrants will lack the ability to progress further in life, and, lastly, she believes that children of immigrants may do better than native minorities. The point of Waters’s argument is to change the view of immigrants especially of children because they grow…

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