How Do You Prepare Your Own Death? Essays

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How do you prepare for your own death? That’s something I’ve thought about; I frequently think about my death. I consider what will happen after I die, what I want to happen, and how it will impact my family. I have spoken to various family members nonchalantly about my wishes to be cremated and an organ donor but before this assignment I had never sat down with my family and talked about what I want in a serious manner. There is no reason as to why I haven’t discussed it with family, perhaps death seemed too far away, but I do believe it’s important for everyone to discuss their advance care directives with someone- regardless of age.
At 21 when you say, “I don’t want resuscitation” people often think you’re joking, but I wasn’t and I wanted to be taken seriously. That was my main goal: say your directives and be serious, this is a serious subject. I was sitting in the living room of my house with my mum, stepdad, brother, grandmother, and boyfriend when I said, “In class we’re talking about advance care directives so I made some I would like to share”. My family’s reaction was a mix of uncertainty and anxiety- as many of us suffer from anxiety. My brother, who often jokes when uncomfortable, made a joke; I should have asked if he was uncomfortable and should have offered him the opportunity to leave if he didn’t wish to talk about it but instead I continued.
I don’t know what I expected when I told my family my directives- some of which I’ll admit are pretty advanced for…

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