How Do Women Of India Differ From Women Around The World? Essay

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How do Women in India differ from Women around the World?

“As a women,we must stand up for ourselves. As a women, we must stand up for each other. As a women, we must stand up for justice for all ”(Michelle Obama). We learn in college level courses how women especially in India have limited rights and or no rights. We learn about arrange marriage, domestic violence, girl trafficking, rape, child marriage, poverty, sexual harassment etc. Why is it that things like this still exist in the 21 century? In my research I will try finding out, how do women in India differ from women around the world?

Human geography courses are there for us to learn about the world. We interpret that India has a cause that needs to be announced since college courses focus on women in India, more than ever before. In India women don’t feel safe living in their own homes. Doesn 't a home represent safe environment, love, family and shelter. Americans might think that because we come home from school or work, are parents or spouses might be waiting for us to eat dinner together and watch netflix, nothing bad about that, “lovely place to be,” who wouldn’t feel safe at home? We have women in India being raped, abused, and sexual harassed every day in their own homes.

Have your parents pick your spouse yet? Well guess what as soon as a baby girl is born in a India their family already has their future spouse picked out. Women have no say about the choice made. In India, “The median age at first…

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