How do Twain and Salinger explore the theme of escape in the two extracts?

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In the first extract (Huckleberry Finn) Twain shows the theme of escapism by describing how Huck fakes his own death in an attempt to escape from civilization. In the second extract (Catcher in the Rye) Salinger shows the theme as escapism as Holden is running away from Pencey to go into a Hotel for a few days.
Salinger shows that Holden is emotional about staying and leaving Pencey as he had got the ‘ax again’. ‘It made me too sad and lonesome’. This quote shows that Salinger is trying to portray Holden’s emotions and he is showing that it really did affect him; it also shows that he is lonesome at Pencey but he will be completely by himself when he leaves.
Holden decided to take a room in a Hotel in New York so his mother could calm
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He is upset that he has got kicked out of school again and he is disappointed with himself. Salinger is showing that the red hunting hat was for comfort. ‘I put my red hunting hat on’. He only ever wears it when he is feeling distressed. As Salinger is portraying Holden as a child right at the end of the extract Holden yells ‘Sleep tight, ya morons!’ Holden wanted to go out with a bang and he was pleased he woke everyone up. Right at the end of the chapter the last sentence was ‘Some stupid guy had thrown peanut shells all over the stairs, and I damn near broke my crazy neck.’ This is a strange sentence and Salinger is trying to illustrate that Holden tries to cover up how he feels about leaving and knowing if he would have stayed that he would have to go anyway. This demonstrates how he wants to leave on his own terms to have a sense of control but, still acting childish by making silly remarks.
In extract 1 Twain shows Huck escaping from civilization in this extract and Huck does this by faking his own death in an attempt to escape from his abusive Dad and many other elements of his life, he fakes his own death so no one will look for him so he can be free. Twain shows Huck faking his own death in a lot of detail in this extract. ‘I fetched the pig in and took him back nearly to the table and hacked into his throat with the axe, and I laid him down on the ground to bleed’. Huck knew what he was doing and this

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