How Do Scientists Explain And Support The Argument For Biological Evolution?

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How do scientists explain and support the argument for biological evolution? From the recent trip to the Minnesota Zoo, labs performed in class and multiple readings these things have shown students the dynamics of evolution. Scientists, like Charles Darwin, who have focused studies on certain organisms like the Galapagos Island finches have played a large role in our knowledge today about biological evolution, natural selection and descent with modification.
Over many generations and an extended period of time the genetic change of an organism is bound to happen, these changes are called biological evolution. Scientists have studied these changes and how they occur for many years, all starting with Charles Darwin on the Galapagos Islands. Darwin studied the beaks of the islands finches to see how the beaks evolved and how they affect the lifestyle of the bird. While researching, Darwin observed the passing on of better, stronger genes from the better adapted parent organisms to the offspring. The process he observed was natural selection, along with descent with modification, the passing on of enhanced genetic traits from parent to offspring.
There are many sources of evidence supporting descent with modification, some of these include: fossils, homologies and biogeography. Scientist Nicolas Steno started the birth of paleontology. At the time nobody believed in fossils and when Steno found shark teeth he claimed that all rocks are fluids at the beginning and they…

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