Essay about How Do Life Differ From My Parents And Grandparents?

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How does my life differ from my parents and grandparents? While there are many significant variations in my life and parent’s life such as access to technology, one key factor in learning about these differences involves a sociological term that Max Weber called life chances (Schaefer 2015). Life chances are the “opportunities that people provide themselves with material goods, positive living conditions, and favorable life experiences” (Schaefer 2015:194). Life chances are determined by housing, education, and health with social class greatly influences one’s life chances (Schaefer 2015:194). For example, a person in a higher social class will have access to greater social benefits than someone in a lower social class. Additionally, social mobility is another important factor to consider when examining life chances. Schaefer describes social mobility as “the movement of individuals or groups from one position in a society’s stratification system to another” (Schaefer 2015:195). An open stratification system “implies that the position of each individual is influenced by his or her achieved status” (Schaefer 2015:195). The United States is considered to employ an open stratification system because it encourages competition among members of its society (Schaefer 2015). Societies that utilize slavery and caste systems use a closed stratification system which “allows little or no possibility of individual social mobility” (Schaefer 2015:195). In order to analyze my family’s life…

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