How Divorce Has Changed My Life Essay

1837 Words Sep 25th, 2015 null Page
My whole life I have questioned why my parents got a divorce. It wasn’t because of lack of money or because they got married young. It was to make my life better. How could divorce ever make a child’s life better? Never having to listen to my parents fight and argue, or see the heartache of the divorce was a huge advantage I had growing up. I have had to deal with a lot of obstacles with this divorce. Such as not knowing who my mother was until I was ten or my mom getting remarried 4 times throughout my life. I have had to learn to accept change and see people come in and out of my life. However, my parents put me through a lot of hell because of this divorce, but at the end of the day I’m thankful because it shaped me into who I am today. Growing up I was raised by my dad and my grandparents. My parents got a divorce when I was very young. Not knowing who my mother was until the fifth grade was one of the biggest obstacles. My mother, Lindsy has always been a part of my life, even though it didn’t seem like it. My dad, Chris had a friend that would come visit every couple months from California. Her name was Lindsy, she was platinum blonde and looked like a supermodel. Lindsy never really dressed casually. She always had her makeup and her fancy dresses and jewelry on. Even when she wore jeans she didn’t look casual she still looked very classy and elegant. I admired her so much and wanted to be like her. Lindsy spoiled me rotten to the core when she visited. We would go…

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