How Dirt Bike Is An Competitive Sport That Has Been Enjoyed By Masses Of People Across The Globe

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Dirt bike or motocross racing is an extremely competitive sport that has been enjoyed by masses of people across the globe. Millions of people have either watched or are very passionate about dirt bike racing. This is a sport that has been around for over one hundred years when the idea first came about in the U.K. motorcycle trial competitions in the early 1900’s ("Motocross"). As the sport grew in popularity, many improvements were made including: the terrain of the tracks, motorcycle suspension, tires, engines, and technique ("Motocross"). Technique ameliorations including jumping styles have been used by many riders and racers. The acrobatic jumping terms known as the “whip” and “scrub” are the most popular. These jump styles can show each riders personality based on how the rider perfects the movements. A whip is when the rider leans the dirt bike as close to parallel with the ground as they are in the air. The movement does not start until the rider is in the air completely. While in the air, they then lean the bike towards the ground. This allows the rider to reach and make contact with the ground faster to create an increased amount of traction. Opposed to the whip, the scrub is when the rider leans the bike over the face of the jump. The face is the incline of the hill that you first go up in order to jump. Movement during a scrub starts while elevating on the dirt, and then leaning the bike to where the bike clears the jump with minimal air time. To clarify, a whip…

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