Us Involvement In Vietnam Case Study

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1. Reasons for U.S involvement in Vietnam - Why were the US so confident of winning the war? The U.S were so confident they could win the war as they had more air superiority than any other country and had enough military power to control North Vietnam and stop communism.

- During Kennedy 's presidency, the number of U.S military advisors increased from 600 to 1600. what does this tell you about the ability of the south Vietnamese government to handle the Vietcong? This increase of men shows that the U.S couldn’t handle the Vietcong and were unable to deal with the situation. They sent in 'advisers ' to help train the men however they ended up participating in the war. America lost its confidence. - Kennedys successor as president,
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The protest movement - Explain the role that the media played in affecting people 's attitudes towards the war. The split screen reality was President Johnson on one side stating they were confident America would win the war. However on the other side, Americans were shown images of body bags and the impact the war was having on the men. This gap between the politicians and the media started turning more and more Americans against the war.

- What was the impact of the protest movement on president Johnson personally and on Americas involvement in the war? The protest movements dramatically effected president Johnson and the U.S involvement in the war. People described the movement as an intense period. Women were protesting for their children to be bought home, the burning of the draft cards and the protests to stop the war alike affected Americas involvement. Johnson became frustrated and overwhelmed by the amount of hate received about sending more Americans to Vietnam. The protest movement saw Johnson appear to be 'out for the count '. Mentally destroyed, presidency seemed to be too much for Johnson. Research - The effects of napalm and Agent Orange on the vietnamese jungle and on the
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In March 1968, American troops raped, tortured and brutally murdered almost the entire population of the South Vietnamese hamlet of My Lai. U.S troops were searching for guerrilla fighters when they found unarmed villagers and were told to destroy the village. Before being killed villagers were dragged into a ditch where they were executed. The exact amount of civilions killed is not known, however it is believed 500 people; women, elderly and children were killed during the massacre.

- How, why and when the U.S withdrew from the Vietnam war 1973, January 27th the U.S, South Vietnam and North Vietnam together signed a peace treaty to end the war. Conditions of the treaty included, that existing POW 's would be exchanged and all forces would be withdrawn immediately from South Vietnam. One month later, operation 'Homecoming ' commenced and thousands of POW 's were released from camps. By March, the last remaining troops were being withdrawn from

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