How Did The Genocide Happen? Essay

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Like Father, Like Son?
Imagine silence, then life. A little baby boy has just been born in North Korea. He has been given a new life to do whatever he pleases; except he can’t. That little boy has been born in a concentration camp and will stay there for the rest of his life. This is what is happening in North Korea at this moment; so cruel, yet still tolerated. The violence and dehumanization in North Korea still has not ceased, and the genocide will continue to affect the world until their government is stopped.
How Did the Genocide Happen? Who started it?
It is well known that North Korea’s government is very different than the United States’, but it was not always this way. After World War II, the Korean peninsula was divided into North and South; Kim Il-sung came in to power. He started to make a “cult of personality” around him and his family, so that people would worship him. The government replaced the previous religions—like Buddhism and Confucianism; they filled the peoples’ heads with corrupted ideas and concepts. Il-sung began refusing aid from other countries in order to make the North Korea “self reliant” (Hall). Due to the government’s refusing to adopt western innovations, high oil prices and the technology gap left the communist country struggling (Hall). If anyone spoke out against the government—who are mainly relatives of Il-sung (Hall)—they would be arrested and punished.
How did the Government Limit Communication?
Since Kim Il-sung wanted to make his…

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