How Did The Explorers That Influence The Discovery Of France

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The 16th century was an important time for the French because it is when they explored America. The exploration was strongly influenced by the travelers and monarchs that were working for France. France established a colonial empire in the Western Hemisphere in eastern North America. The explorers were working under Francis I and were looking for wealth and a westward route to Asia. During the early stages of the French Exploration there were four main explorers that made the most impact, Giovanni de Verrazano, Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, and Robert La Salle. Verrazano was a Tuscan captain and was pursuing a maritime career. In the 1520s, he was sent by King Francis I of France to explore the East Coast of North America for a route to the Pacific Ocean and Asia. He landed near Cape Fear and headed north and eventually discovered New York Harbor. Cartier was sent by King Francis I to locate a “Northwest Passage” to the Indies. He failed but did discover and explore the St. Lawrence River, which led him to the Great Lakes and down the Mississippi River. Cartier established France’s imperial claim on the lands of Canada and pockets of cities scattered down the Mississippi. …show more content…
He also sailed down the coast of New England and was the first to give a precise and detailed accounting of the region. The final explorer was Robert La Salle who led expeditions down the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. He claimed all of the regions that were around the Mississippi, naming them Louisiana for Louis XIV. These four men were extremely influential to the French exploration, finding and settling many regions of the new

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