How Did The Age Of Exploration Affect Us

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How has the Global Age Affected Us Positively ?
Essam Ahed Alomar
Grade: 9A
Gems American Academy

Age of Exploration was a period of time from thousands of years ago, during which European ships were traveled around the world searching for trading routes and partners to help Europe. Lands were used to maintain foods and keep them from spoiling. Lands, however, were expensive and dangerous to get. Traders had to travel from a land route from Europe to Asia to get them. Europeans were desperate to get lands from Asia. They didn’t just went to Asia, They almost went all around the world like Africa, and North America. Europeans when they go and conquer the land They tell the people other, either you follow our rules or you
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Later on Religion started to be an important motive for the age of exploration. The spreading of religion while exploring the new world were committed of many countries by the Catholic rulers. The English and the Dutch were also committed to spreading religion, and they would encourage Christianity on native Americans. The Spanish people were in fact to require with them on expeditions in order to convert others to Christianity. Not only the Europeans, Spanish, English, and Dutch people of the old world exploring to spread religion, but many were exploring to seek religion for freedom. Many conquerors were forcing religion on people in the new world countries, and many were already forcing it on their own people.However, some didn’t want to follow the religion of their rules. That is why many people from the old world explored in order to find freedom for their own religion. They want it to find a place where there was a ruler for not forcing religion like to stay without having any religion with any rules telling him/her what to do and what not to do. After expeditions for religion and religious freedom of the age of exploration for spreading of religion was God. …show more content…
And just to offer them and tell them about all of the time. The religion was forced about some of the newly discovered countries. Although, the conquerors weren’t thinking that others may have already been involved in it, they were just committed and serious to spread their own religion. Mostly Middle ages were dominated by Christianity. The rules of the land and roles in the government were all in the hands of the leading church leaders like bishops and archbishops. During the middle ages of the exploration the Catholic church was the only church in

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