How Did Schools Desegregate Major Cities Of The United States?

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How did schools desegregate in major cities of the United States? When I came to this country, I was amazed at that fact, so many people from different ethnic backgrounds attended school together. I say this because I came from a country where there wasn’t much diversity. It’s hard to imagine that just 50 years ago people lived in a racially divided America. So how did we end the racial divide in our school system? Especially in the white dominated cities such as Boston. I decided to research on how schools integrated in Boston. I came across a topic called Boston Busing crisis. I had no knowledge of what the Boston Busing crisis was, so I decided to google it and found out that busing was a part of the United States’ federal judge Wendell Arthur Garrity Jr.’s plan. Judge W. Arthur Garrity Jr. came up with the “Master Plan” which ordered busing in order to integrate Boston Public schools. His decision had a strong effect on the South Boston community. This knowledge ignited my interest in finding out more about this crisis The further I got into my research, the more questions I started having regard Judge Garrity‘s decision on implementing busing for Boston public schools. As I explored my topic, I found myself searching for answers to the following questions: Did Judge Garrity have any other options other than the Master Plan? Who was against busing? Did the people of South Boston get to voice their opinions on the Master Plan? Did it improve the students’ academic?…

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