Martin Luther's Contribution To The Reformation Essay

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Imagine being a member of the Catholic Church in the early 1500’s and witnessing the corruption that occurred. A religious man named Martin Luther lived through the crookedness of the Church and wrote about it to spread awareness throughout Europe. His work inspired others to take action in the Church. These actions caused what we know today as the Protestant Reformation. So, who really was Martin Luther and why was he so important to the start of the Protestant Reformation? To understand what pushed Luther into starting the Reformation you need to know a little bit about his early life. Martin Luther was born in 1483 in Eisleben, Saxony, what is now Germany (Jeremy Norman & Co.). Martin Luther lived in the early 1500’s, which was a very religious time period. Luther began by studying law at the University of Erfurt, but he dropped out to join a monastery. Religion was a big part of his life so he wanted to be involved in something related to it. As he worked as a monk he began to feel very critical about his sins and he started to lose his connection with God. This was something that Luther didn’t like to feel, he wanted to strive in his faith and be a follower of Christ. Luther’s director gave him more to do so he wouldn’t think about all of his spiritual doubts. While being a monk was a pretty good job for Luther, he wanted …show more content…
The Church was doing things that were almost going against God’s word. Luther didn’t encourage these acts and neither did a lot of other Christians. He was one of the first people to actually rebel against the Church. This made him nervous about what people would think about him. Luther lived in a very religious period and the Church had most of the power at that time. Luther wasn’t sacrilegious, he just didn 't agree with the Church. He wrote about all the things happening in the Church so he could share them with the

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