How Did John Locke Influence Society

John Locke Although not American, John Locke, born in England in 1632 and studied at the Christ Church University, is one of the profound English philosophers of the time. His influences are thought to have largely influenced Europe, as especially clearly identified in the French Enlightenment, in governance ways and consequently, mostly affected the forms of governance throughout Europe. The French and the British people adopted his ideas, especially in management (Frecknall-Hughes 1). However, the larger impacts of this philosopher trickle down to America, in its history of management and liberation. In order o understand better the contributions of this philosopher to American history; it is crucial to consider his impact based on evidence, through the historical period he lived and his larger influences on societal issues.
Profound impact on American History The ideas of Locke on governance had sparked curiosity on changing forms of leadership, not only in Europe, but also throughout the world. The effects of the ideologies expressed in his writings were felt in America, when the Founding Fathers of America adopted them in the
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This period is the time, when almost all world regions of the world had one form of governance. This form of governance, founded on monarchies, ruled on the concept of centralized power, from the king or associated dynasties, down to the people (Walker 46). The uprising in France against the French dynasty was largely because of the political philosophies of Locke. A later resurgence in England, which led to the overthrowing of the King’s dynasty to a parliamentary system, is also another key historical event. Owing to the successes of these revolutions in France and England, the adoption of the same theories in America led to the rise of the American Revolution in 1775 onwards, which led to the achievement of American independence (Walker

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