How Did Jim Crow Laws Affect The World

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Jim Crow laws had a great influence throughout the world because it was based on how much harm than good it did during its time. During the years of 1876 and 1965 Jim Crow laws favored whites more than blacks. This was only because black people had so many restrictions on what they could do in the country as a whole. Segregation of public schools, public places, public transportation, restrooms, restaurants, and water fountains for whites and blacks was what the Jim Crow laws were based on. Another main impact was the US Military System. Because of the Jim Crow Laws white people felt like they were better than black people. First, black people were treated very badly during the time of Jim Crow laws. Black were not able to be involved in any government activities. They were not allowed to vote because white people had more power than them during this time. Education was not as important to black people during this time because many …show more content…
White people always wanted the power over the blacks and that was one of the reasons they didn’t want them to vote or have equal education. One strong leader was Booker T Washington who worked very hard with his followers to make them believe him and what he was trying to do.
Fourthly, as time begin to pass by black people started to adapt to Jim Crow Laws as a way of life. White people begin to adapt to a superior way of life, while the black begin to adapt to an inferior way of life. The white people who were happy for segregation kept working to make sure other white people knew that giving black’s equal rights would cause them harm more than good. Because Jim Crow Laws were so powerful for the whites they would call the black people names like niggers, darkies, jungle bunnies, porch monkey and even coons as a way to separate themselves from black

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