How Did It Feel You Ask Others About Your Talents? Essay

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a. How did it feel to ask others about your talents?
To be completely honest, it was a nice ‘change of pace’ to ask for an external viewpoint of myself. I am a very introspective person, taking ample time to examine myself and my priorities and constantly taking various tests/surveys to determine what types of results I get on different aspects of my life. Taking the time to get others’ opinions about me is not something I regularly do, but have done in the past. As a Learner, and to some extent an Analytical, I enjoy and have taken the time to learn lots of information about myself over the past many years.
Admittedly, I found it most difficult (or maybe nerve-racking is more accurate) to ask for my mother’s and close friend’s opinions. I think this is because having closer relationships with these individuals I was most curious (and afraid) to see how we agree and disagree on how I view myself and how I portray myself to the outside world.
b. Did some people view you differently than you viewed yourself? How so?
In reviewing the responses I received, there were three comments or observations that I felt were marginally off base on how I view them. The first comment was for the Analytical theme and was “You like to get people fired up about certain topics that you know they may not have enough knowledge on and then tend to get frustrated when they can’t back up their views with solid facts.” I agree that I definitely do, on occasion, enjoy being a little ornery and play…

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