Adolf Hitler's Influence On Our World

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Imagine being persuasive enough to convince many people to commit mass murder and no one would second guess what came out of his/her mouth. Well this is what everyone did when Adolf Hitler would give one of his speeches. What many did not know is that they were in fact listening to the words of one of the most ruthless man ever known to mankind. Throughout time, Adolf Hitler influenced our world in a negative way through his attempts to gain power over Germany by creating a genocide to strike fear into people 's hearts. Like everything in life, people always have a beginning. Adolf Hitler had a rough start in life, he was the fourth child born in his family but was also the first child to live past two years. He was also abused by his father, …show more content…
He started to take advantage of the people of Germany to create/perform a "racial purity" which got rid of all the people classified as "undesirables." William W.Lace wrote "Nazis next began enacting a series of law aimed at removing Jews as an-integral part of German society...." (Lace 45) For Hitler this meant he was able to kill all the people that did not fit the standards like the Jews, disabled, gays, and people who were mentally disabled. At the same time, Hitler had created a genocide and with his Nazi party, went in search for many that fit into the "undesirable" group. Eventually the U.S. got wind of everything that was going on in Germany. They attempted to help all the people of Germany that fit into the classification that Hitler wanted to get rid of but were too late,Hitler had already committed countless murders. The U.S. convicted Adolf of mass murder, but didn 't get to him so Earle Rice Jr. states in his book by writing, " Hitler 's fleeing to the Alps would divert the soviet troop and allow some two million Berliners to leave the city and escape having to fight the soviets in the streets." (Rice 154) Which would lead to the U.S. in hunting him down. As fate has it, Hitler got his justice. Hitler later ended up losing his life to his own hands. Along with his wife, according to Earle Rice Jr. " Hitler marries Eva Braun on April 28, then writes his last will and testament; Hitler and

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