How Did Canada Fair After World War One? Essay

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How did Canada fair after the ending of World War 1 compared to the ending of World War 2? Was the economy better off after World War 1 or World War 2? Were women given more opportunities or not? Between both of the World Wars, Canada has experienced several things during the Second World War than the First. Canada’s economy hit never before seen highs during the war, women were provided with an excessive amount of new opportunities than WW1, and the economy thrived well after with smart decision making in place. Therefore, based upon these 3 reasons, Canada truly benefited more during World War 2 than World War 1.

Canada’s economy was risen to a whole new level never seen in Canadian history following World War 2. “Canadian industry produced over 800,000 military transport vehicles, 50,000 tanks, 40,000 field, naval, and anti-aircraft guns, and 1,700,000 small arms.” “Canadian factory space for the production of aircraft increased from 500,000 square feet before the war to a high of 14,000,000 square feet at its peak during the war.” Allied countries were all dependent upon Canada for the production as they were on the opposite side of the world, so no threats to their industries would occur making them the ones to supply all weapons. This of course lead to a surge of money circling through the economy. In World War 1, this seemed to have never happened because war was so new to Canada that their industries and economy was not prepared for something this major. Another…

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