How Day And Success And Failures Influence Our Contentment Essay

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Does day to day and success and failures influence our contentment

People are always wondering how our day to day success and failures can play a big gender role in our lives. Well the first thing that we all must know is that whatever we think of it could definitely affect our gender role if we think for one day positive and we enjoy that day our lives will be more better then having a negative day,but now let see one day be negative and let see what kind of gender role changes will happen. Well let define one thing happiness, what is happiness. “Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.”(Oxford Dictionary)

There a quote from Dan Haybron that says “ First, it maintains that happiness is a broad psychological condition. That is, it consists in a wide range of affective states, including emotions, moods, pains, and pleasures.” ( Wren-Lewis 33) This quote reminds me of gender role on how it affects you in life just by your emotions or action. If you keep your actions for a very long time or your emotions either if it negative or positive just know that your gender role will change but it will all depends on your action. Happiness is a strong keyword for many cause you could be so happy or so negative there always a positive side on happiness that why you shouldn 't hate on happiness just because you feel like it. “I will argue that we have good reason to treat happiness as an…

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