How Cyberpunk Is A Neutral Connotation Of Accelerationism Situated Between The Left And Right Wings

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Cyberpunk is a neutral connotation of accelerationism situated between the left and right wings. Like a perpendicular spike with equal magnitude that juts from the tangential line that connects the forward progress of technological advancements. A warning. Accelerationism in itself is divided, the same coin with radically different faces. The left, which aims at moving away from capitalism and its hindering effects which hold back true unbridled technological growth and the right which, on the other hand, aims at advancing the technological state to increase capital, consumerism and the spectacle as outlined by the situationists. Cyberpunk has little to no intrinsic capitalist feel or drive, but remains grounded in the reality that technology is ruler and we are along for the ride. With this end, I find that the future of the world has become one with the Avant-Garde. A twisted version of the futurists ideals in which we move forward with innovations at a breakneck pace and thus our fate is intrinsically sealed with the cutting edge. Because of this we can take what movements have risen and fallen, take the ideas we have kept from the long dead movements and create a response to our current situation. My solution is to merge the trends of now, accelerationism, feats of unhindered progress and expansion and cyberpunk, fears associated with the inherent danger of technology and the understanding of the chaos and destruction it can bring. Every step forward in human history…

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