Essay on How Culture Can Be Expressed Through Religion

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This chapter starts with what culture is. So, what is culture? According to the book, it’s the beliefs, norms, behaviors, and products common to the members of a particular group. Culture is what defines everyone. It creates diversion, different experiences and it makes us all different. Culture can also be expressed through religion, language, stories, poems and music. Culture is then defined even further, it is categorized into, material and nonmaterial culture. Material culture is anything physical that shapes people’s lives. Basically, anything made by humans. For example, our flag. United States of America is represented by many things, but our flag is sacred and respected and every part of it represents something. Non material culture is complete opposite, it includes ideas, behaviors and living. For example, every family is different and they all have different values and views of different things. Family passes values down from generation to generation and it shapes their culture. But, in order to comprehend nonmaterial culture, the book talks about three sociological concepts: beliefs, norms and values. Beliefs are ideas that people accept as true. There are so many things people can believe in. for example, God, people believe in something they cannot see but they know he’s there. That’s called faith. Also believing in several stories such as in Mexico, where people would say that La Llorona ( the crying woman) existed. Beliefs, whether real or not, it all depends…

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