How Conservatives Abandoned And Destroyed Their Principles On The Age Of Obama

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How Conservatives Abandoned and Destroyed Their Principles in the Age of Obama
In recent polls of the Republican presidential hopefuls, former neurosurgeon, Ben Carson has taken the lead both in Iowa and nationally over big mouth, Donald Trump. Mr. Carson has continued to rise in popularity in recent months. With the election of President Barack Obama in 2008, the Republican Party, either consciously or subconsciously decided to feature or tolerate minorities on its presidential nomination list. During the 2012 presidential season, it was Herman Cain, who at one point led in the polls of presidential contenders. Even though, the Tea Party rose to prominence during the Obama administration, the fact that Republicans were forced to tolerate an African American as their possible presidential nominee is a testament to the effectiveness of his leadership.
After almost seven years as president, one of the many qualities that president Obama is admired for, is his cool and calm demeanor in the way he approaches issues of governance. Even his avowed enemies will stipulate to that. Therefore, it comes as a surprise that the most redeeming quality ascribed to Ben Carson for his rise in the polls and popularity this election season is the fact that he is reportedly “soft spoken”. Given the stiff opposition from conservatives, that is a huge surprise. (Although, someone should explain to them that there is a world of difference between being “cool and calm” and “soft spoken”, not to…

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