How Composers Represent Political Acts And The Impacts On Individual Lives

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Analyse the ways composers represent political acts and the impacts they may have on individual lives or society more broadly.

Political events, situations, ideals and acts can have a significant impact on individual lives and society more broadly. Composers who have been affected by their contextual political paradigm construct politically-motivated texts. W.H was a poet with a particular worldview, shaped by his interest in Marxism and psychology, which is evident in his poetry, particularly his politically focused poems. He created his poetry as a result of the social and political atmospheres of his time and challenged the public’s acceptance of global political acts. His poem “The Shield of Achilles” presents a didactic message of the dehumanisation and loss of individuality that occurs when an oppressive regime is not challenged. Similarly, his poem “The Unknown Citizen” exposes the impact of a repressive bureaucratic capitalist regime on the reduction of an individual to become an ‘unknown’ entity. Anna Funder, an Australian author, wrote her factual novel Stasiland tp uncover the terrors of the German Stasi officers on individuals during the political ruling under the German Democratic Republic. Both composers warn against oppressive ruling powers, and uncover the consequence when these powers are not challenged by the majority.

In his poem “The Unknown Citizen”, W.H Auden presents a warning of the outcome of the impact of an oppressive capitalistic state with…

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