How Communication Has Improved Communication Essay

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Communication has greatly improved in the recent past with the use of the internet and mobile communication devices such as mobile phones. In the political arena, communication is an important aspect and the more the communication channels, the better. The internet has boosted communication a lot and has made it easier and cheaper. For example, politicians today can communicate to their followers or to others through the social media through facebook, Twitter and such. This helps them to be able to reach people in distant places; worldwide and also to communicate important information to a wide audience and in a fast manner. Mobile devices including mobile phones, tablets and ipads have also facilitated faster and more effective communication for politicians. Political communication is quite crucial and requires a fast and effective way of communicating which today, has been facilitated through the internet technologies and mobile devices.
Before the internet and mobile devices, political communication was analogue highly as it was done through newspapers and print media generally. As Sides J. and Al pointed, the daily newspaper was the primary source of news for most American (2013).This was slow and could not reach many people as some people did not have access to newspapers and print media. With the advent of the new media today, this has greatly changed. Communication about any political issue is conducted in a very quick manner and within a few minutes, it reaches…

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