How Colonists Have Their Reasons For Coming Over The New World

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Taxes that Change Everything Colonist had their reasons for coming over to the New World. For many it was for economic growth, religious freedoms, or escaping the political and social systems of their native lands. They enjoyed their freedoms and liberties as new societies while being developed, but it was not an easy accomplishment. The colonies worked hard on developing their towns on their beliefs and values far from the reach of England. As time went on, there was growing tension between the thirteen American colonies and England, their motherland. England was involved in the Seven Year War with France and the Indians. During this conflict, England trained and used colonist as soldiers alongside with the soldiers they sent over for the fight – treating them as equals and looking at them as allies. Unlike his father, King George III thought the colonist to be subordinate, and should obey all laws that Parliament passed. The new laws that the king implemented were to give him a tighter grip on the colonies actives. Their main role in the king’s eye was to enrich the English empire. At great expense, England ended up winning the Seven Year War. The conflicts building up to the Revolution War are deeply intertwined with the old colonial views of autonomy and personal liberties. The colonial sense of individual freedom combined with the harsh reality of English policies led to the American Revolution. The three main policies that imposed on the colonies and sent them over…

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