Essay about How Children Can Make A Better Learning Environment

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All students are unique and have various strengths, weakness, and interests. Autism is one of the many disabilities that affect students learning. Teaching careers, the biggest achievement, we can make is to succeed in creating a supportive environment which nurtures. Focusing on teaching practices that help meet the needs of that child and help create a better learning environment. It is very important for teachers who are teaching with students with Autism to always keep their language simple and concrete because teachers who use few words as possible can be able to get their point across. Just to make sure the children understand what the teacher said it would help if the teacher asked the student what they just asked.
Teachers should avoid sarcasm, irony or reading between the lines when dealing with children because it will just confuse them and get them frustrated. For example, “it’s raining cats and dogs” will confuse children because when it’s raining they will actually think it is raining animals outside. Teaching what “finished” means and helping student to identify when something and something different has started such as taking a photo of what the teachers want the finished product to look like. Pictures will help students know what’s ahead, and they may sometimes use them with any sequence of events. For example, picture of “unpacking school bag” or “reading a book” will help the child on what to do or how it should look like. Reducing distractions are…

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