How Cars And Its Effect On Our Lives Essay examples

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In the years since the inception of the first car several components have been modified to allow people to use those vehicles for different purposes depending on their needs. The cars have gone from having had a small engine and built with wood, to cars made of carbon fiber, which can reach a top speed that reaches 253 mph. Now days we have different styles of cars like sedans, luxury vehicles, sport cars, and Off-roaders. In all of them lay the same desire of transporting us from one point to another as soon as possible without compromising our safeness. Although they all have been designed for the same purpose, the difference relies on the tastes of people, and if each car design can accomplish the intention of what they need to do.
Cars can branch into many more designs in the future and being able to accomplish other kind of aims that seem impossible for today. As long as technology continues to improve so will do cars because they are valuable assets in our daily lives which makes it easier. Instead of talking about what they could do and how they would look like in the future we will focus on the differences of their styles and purposes at present. There exist
The three most general cars are sedans, trucks and the sport ones. The term truck encompasses several more precise truck types: minivans, SUVs, pickups and vans. Sports cars include different bodies, but not essentially different types of cars.
A tourism car is a relatively classic car capable of carrying four…

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