How Can Criminal Psychology Remove Acts Of Violence? Essay

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How can criminal psychology remove acts of violence? The study of the will 's, thoughts, intentions, and reactions of criminals applies a knowledge of psychology. A criminal psychologist works in a variety of settings, they can become employed in governmental, law enforcement, at part-time universities or other facilities. Is anyone safe when living with so many criminals, committing more than 500,000 crimes per year (Hickley). Criminal Psychologists are involved when helping to make us safe because crimes occur all over the world, criminologists aim to remove acts that no longer conflict with society’s norms which can prevent the acts of violence. These psychologists have four important roles in their work covers such as, crime analysis, offender profiling, interviewing, and rehabilitation of the offenders. Having roles like these help gain a better insight into the investigation. Criminal Psychologists have received results from talking to offenders, so they decided to conduct interviews as a way of getting information. They study the behavior of that person asking them questions, comparing data, and figuring out if they fit the profile. Criminal psychologists not only help the police, they determine the steps to take to prevent that offender from re-committing the same crime. Psychologists also help them find their place in society so they feel more secure.
Criminal Profilers locate offenders by gathering personal information, they organized and classify anything that…

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