How Built Environment Affects Travel Behavior Essay

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Filiberto Asare-Akuffo
Research Summary
Citation of Article
Zhang, L., Hong, J., Nasri, A., & Shen, Q. (2012). How built environment affects travel behavior: A comparative analysis of the connections between land use and vehicle miles traveled in US cities. Journal Of Transport And Land Use, 5(3). Link:

Specific Research Questions
Zhang et al. argues that, there are mix findings in the literature on the influence of the built environment on travel behavior. With emphasis on vehicle miles travel (VMT), the authors seek to answer the following: (1) Why is the relationship between the built environment and travel behavior different across cities in the United States (US), and (2) What are the factors that explain these differences in the relationship between the built environment and VMT. Notwithstanding these questions, the authors seek to develop a consistent model which will be applicable to studying land use and VMT relationships for all cities in the US, whiles serving as a tool for planners and local governments in estimating the impact of proposed plans and policies on VMT.

Research Methods
The research employed a case study approach with Seattle, Washington; Richmond-Petersburg and Norfolk-Virginia Beach, Virginia; Baltimore, Maryland; and Washington, DC as the study areas. According to Zhang et al. these areas were selected to reflect the diversity in US cities such as size of population, spatial extent of cities, and land use…

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