How Athletes Make Major Sacrifices During The United States Essay

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Andrew Millán
Step 4
I. Introduction
Athletes make major sacrifices during their athletic career, and in 1980 they had to make the ultimate sacrifice and were forcefully withdrawn from the Olympic Games. The relationship between the Soviet Union and the United States at this time was very tense. The Soviet Union wanted to maintain a friendly and socialist government on its border, and with Afghanistan in the midst of a civil war, the Soviets would be able to support the war and influence a socialist government. The Soviets then invaded Afghanistan, and the United States responded with the threat to not send a team to the Olympics, which are to be held in Moscow, if Soviet troops are still in Afghanistan by the end of the month. The Soviets do not comply and the United States then carried out their threat and did not send a team to the Olympics. The U.S. made the wrong decision in boycotting the 1980 summer Olympics because of the effect on the media, the effect on the athletes, and the economic effect it had.
II. Background
In April 1978 Afghanistan’s government, led by President Mohammad Daud Khan, was overthrown by military officers led by Nur Mohammad Taraki. The power in Afghanistan’s government was shared between two Marxist-Leninist political groups. The two groups where the People’s Party and the Banner Party. This new government, which had no popular support, forged close ties with the Soviet Union. “The aim of the Soviet…

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