How Are Gangs Destroying My Community? Essay

756 Words Dec 4th, 2014 4 Pages
So how are gangs destroying my community? Well several organization working directly with these issues have pinpointed the main affected area. A combination of poverty, social exclusion, and a lack of educational and job opportunities for anyone are perpetuating the gang problem. A decade ago, Guatemala did not have a serious organized crime problem; now it has the worst scenario in the region due to the weakness of the State and the increased strength of organized crime. In present time, to ease the crime Guatemala implemented the reduction of the army. The reduction of the army resulted in the abandonment of military position in crucial cities of Guatemala. The result was a power vacuum in those territories that was filled by criminal groups who now control vast rural areas. One of those areas is my community. Gangs affect my community by taking advantage of low resource citizens. Some of these citizens are teens. One main objective is the undeveloped skills of the youth in my hometown. Unable to develop the skills require for attending a university or obtaining skilled employment; teens are considered a pool of gang recruits. Having no type of skills creates uncertainty in them, which makes them doubtful about their future and therefore they are robbed form a peaceful life. Gangs are always looking a people that are left out of society, people that are in need and people that have no sense of direction. People of my hometown are of poor resources, their education…

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