How Alcohol Affects The Brain 's Size Essay

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Alcohol doesn 't really appeal to me because I don 't like how it taste. However I still go to parties about once a month meaning I only have three to five drinks a month which isn 't a lot on a monthly basis. Nonetheless, five drinks within five hours is still considered a lot but I still feel like a drink alcohol in moderation. I knew that there are many consequences associated with excessive drinking such as weight gain and liver problems. However I did not know that excessive alcohol use can reduce the brain’s size. I also was not aware that the brain’s frontal lobe could undergo damage from excessive alcohol consumption.

A good way of controlling my blood alcohol level is by simply keeping track of how many drinks I have and how much alcohol each drink contains. Another practical way of controlling my blood alcohol concentration is by allowing time in between my drinks in order to pave myself.

I don 't practice any of the activities listed above but I did when I was younger. I used to go on family bike rides with my parents and my sister almost every weekend until the age of twelve and we all used to wear helmets because they prevent or reduce brain injuries. Since it was a habit to wear a helmet, I would wear a helmet today if ever I were to participate in any activity where a helmet should be worn.

When you are on the Internet, be it website or a chat room, do you give out personal info? or meet with people through the Internet? Why/Why not?

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